Financial Advice

Recommendation 1.15 – Enforceable Code Provisions
Enforceable code provisions for industry codes of conduct

Recommendation 2.1 – Financial Advice Annual Renewals
Annual Renewal and Payment for Financial Advice

Recommendation 2.2 – Financial Adviser Independence
Disclosure of lack of independence of financial advisers

Recommendation 2.4 – Grandfathered Commissions
Ending grandfathered commissions for financial advisers (Legislation introduced on 1 August 2019)

Recommendation 2.7 – Financial Advisor Reference Checking
Reference checking and information sharing for financial advisers

Recommendation 2.8 – Compliance Concern Reporting
Licensee obligations to report compliance concerns

Recommendation 2.9 – Financial Adviser Misconduct
Licensee obligations where misconduct by financial advisers

Recommendation 2.10 – Financial Advisor Disciplinary System
A new disciplinary system for financial advisers