End 2020

BEAR – Regulated Financial Entities
Additional Commitment
Extension of the executive accountability regime to non-prudentially regulated financial entities to be administered by ASIC.

Financial Advisor Disciplinary System
Recommendation 2.10
A new disciplinary system for financial advisers

Recommendation 3.9
Extending the Banking Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR) to RSE licensees

BEAR – Insurers
Recommendation 4.12
Extending the BEAR to APRAregulated insurers

Superannuation – Co-Regulation
Recommendation 6.3
General principles for ASIC and APRA to coregulate superannuation

Superannuation – ASIC Role
Recommendation 6.4
ASIC as conduct regulator for superannuation

Superannuation – APRA Role
Recommendation 6.5
APRA to retain current functions for superannuation

BEAR – Joint Administration
Recommendation 6.6
Joint administration of the BEAR

Regulation – Co-regulation
Recommendation 6.7
Statutory amendments to facilitate coregulation

BEAR – Financial Services Institutions
Recommendation 6.8
Extending the BEAR to all APRAregulated financial services institutions.

Regulator Co-Operation
Recommendation 6.9
Statutory obligation for APRA and ASIC to co-operate and share information

Compensation Scheme
Recommendation 7.1
Compensation scheme of last resort

ASIC Enforcement Review
Recommendation 7.2
Implementing the ASIC Enforcement Review Taskforce’s directions power recommendations