End 2019

ASIC Banning Powers
Additional Commitment
ASICs power to ban people in the financial sector (ASIC Enforcement Review)

ASIC Licensing Powers
Additional Commitment
ASIC’s licensing powers (ASIC Enforcement Review)

ASIC Search Warrant Powers
Additional Commitment
ASIC’s search warrants powers (ASIC Enforcement Review

ASIC Telecoms Interceptions Powers
Additional Commitment
ASIC’s telecommunications interceptions powers (ASIC Enforcement Review)

Mortgage Brokers – Best Interest
Recommendation 1.2
Mortgage broker best interests duty

Mortgage Brokers Remuneration
Recommendation 1.3
Mortgage Broker Remuneration

Financial Adviser Grandfathered Commissions
Recommendation 2.4
Ending grandfathered commissions for financial advisers (Legislation introduced on 1 August 2019)

Funeral Expenses Exemptions
Recommendation 4.2
Removing the exemptions for funeral expenses policies

Insurance – Unfair Contract Terms
Recommendation 4.7
Application of unfair contract terms provisions to insurance contracts

Insurance – Claims Handling Exemption
Recommendation 4.8
Removal of claims handling exemption for insurance