S – Z

Superannuation – APRA Role

Recommendation 6.5 – June 2020
APRA to retain current functions for superannuation

Superannuation – ASIC Role

Recommendation 6.4 June 2020
ASIC as conduct regulator for superannuation

Superannuation – Co-Regulation

Recommendation 6.3 June 2020
General principles for ASIC and APRA to coregulate superannuation

Superannuation – Regulators’ Roles

Recommendation 3.8 – June 2020
Adjustment of APRA’s and ASIC’s roles in superannuation

Trustees of RSE

Recommendation 3.1 – June 2020
No other role or office for trustees of Registrable Superannuation Entities (RSE)

Vehicle Dealer Commission

Recommendation 4.4 – June 2020
Cap on commissions paid to vehicle dealers for sale of addon insurance products