B – E

BEAR – Financial Institutions

Recommendation 6.8End 2020
Extending the BEAR to all APRAregulated financial services institutions

BEAR – Insurers

Recommendation 4.12End 2020
Extending the BEAR to APRAregulated insurers

BEAR – Joint Administration

Recommendation 6.6End 2020
Joint administration of the BEAR

BEAR – Regulated Financial Entities

Additional CommitmentEnd 2020
Extension of the executive accountability regime to non-prudentially regulated financial entities to be administered by ASIC.


Recommendation 3.9End 2020
Extending the Banking Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR) to RSE licensees

Claims Handling Exemption

Recommendation 4.8June 2020
Removal of claims handling exemption

Compensation Scheme

Recommendation 7.1End 2020
Compensation scheme of last resort

Compliance Concern Reporting

Recommendation 2.8June 2020
Licensee obligations to report compliance concerns

Enforceable Code Provisions

Recommendation 1.15June 2020
Enforceable code provisions for industry codes of conduct

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