Advice Fees – Choice Super

Recommendation 3.3June 2020
Limitations on deducting advice fees from choice superannuation accounts

Advice Fees – My Super

Recommendation 3.2June 2020
No deducting advice fees from My Super accounts

ASIC and APRA – Oversight Authority

Recommendation 6.14 June 2020
A new oversight authority for APRA and ASIC

ASIC Banning Powers

Additional CommitmentEnd 2019
ASIC’s power to ban people in the financial sector (ASIC Enforcement Review)

ASIC Board Meetings

Recommendation 6.11June 2020
Improving ASIC’s Board meeting procedures

ASIC Enforcement Review

Recommendation 7.2June 2020
Implementing the ASIC Enforcement Review Taskforce’s directions power recommendations

ASIC Licensing Powers

Additional CommitmentEnd 2019
ASIC’s licensing powers (ASIC Enforcement Review)

ASIC Search Warrant Powers

Additional Commitment – End 2019
ASIC’s search warrants powers (ASIC Enforcement Review

ASIC Telecoms Interceptions Powers

Additional CommitmentEnd 2019
ASIC’s telecommunications interceptions powers (ASIC Enforcement Review)