Other Measures

Recommendation 1.11 – A national farm debt mediation scheme

  • The Government is working with states and territories through the Agriculture Ministers’ Forum (AGMIN) to progress work on the establishment of a national farm debt mediation scheme

Recommendation 1.5 – Regulating mortgage brokers as financial advisers

  • This recommendation will be progressed following the review of financial advice reforms (recommendation 2.3), given that review may recommend changes to the regulation of financial advisers

Recommendation 3.5 – One default superannuation account

  • Implementation of this recommendation will be considered in the context of the findings and recommendations of the Productivity Commission’s report Superannuation: Assessing Efficiency and Competitiveness

Additional commitments

  • Additional commitment in response to Recommendation 7.1 – Increasing AFCA’s role in remediation programs – legislation to be introduced by mid-2021
  • Additional commitment – Extension of Federal Court jurisdiction in relation to criminal corporate crime – legislation to be introduced by mid-2020