Recommendations – Banking

Recommendation 1.1 The NCCP Act

Recommendation 1.2 Best interests duty

Recommendation 1.3 Mortgage broker remuneration

Recommendation 1.4 Establishment of working group

Recommendation 1.5 Mortgage brokers as financial advisers

Recommendation 1.6 Misconduct by mortgage brokers

Recommendation 1.7 Removal of pointofsale exemption

Recommendation 1.8 Amending the Banking Code

Recommendation 1.9 No extension of the NCCP Act

Recommendation 1.10 Definition of small business

Recommendation 1.11 Farm debt mediation

Recommendation 1.12 Valuations of land

Recommendation 1.13 Charging default interest

Recommendation 1.14 Distressed agricultural loans

Recommendation 1.15 Enforceable code provisions

Recommendation 1.16 2019 Banking Code

Recommendation 1.17 BEAR product responsibility