5.3 — Revised prudential standards and guidance

In revising its prudential standards and guidance about the design and implementation of remuneration systems, APRA should:

  • require APRAregulated institutions to design their remuneration systems to encourage sound management of nonfinancial risks, and to reduce the risk of misconduct;
  • require the board of an APRAregulated institution (whether through its remuneration committee or otherwise) to make regular assessments of the effectiveness of the remuneration system in encouraging sound management of nonfinancial risks, and reducing the risk of misconduct;
  • set limits on the use of financial metrics in connection with longterm variable remuneration;
  • require APRAregulated institutions to provide for the entity, in appropriate circumstances, to claw back remuneration that has vested; and
  • encourage APRAregulated institutions to improve the quality of information being provided to boards and their committees about risk management performance and remuneration decisions.

Government Response

The Government supports APRA acting on this recommendation.