2.3 — Review of measures to improve the quality of advice

In three years’ time, there should be a review by Government in consultation with ASIC of the effectiveness of measures that have been implemented by the Government, regulators and financial services entities to improve the quality of financial advice. The review should preferably be completed by 30 June 2022, but no later than 31 December 2022.

Among other things, that review should consider whether it is necessary to retain the ‘safe harbour’ provision in section 961B(2) of the Corporations Act. Unless there is a clear justification for retaining that provision, it should be repealed.

Government Response

The Government agrees to a review in three years’ time on the effectiveness of measures to improve the quality of advice.

The Government has introduced reforms to enhance the quality of financial advice, in particular, the reforms to increase the educational, training and ethical standards of financial advisers. It also has legislation before the Parliament to ensure that financial products are appropriately targeted and to give ASIC the power to intervene before a consumer suffers harm.

It is appropriate to undertake a review of these reforms, and earlier reforms such as the Future of Financial Advice, to ensure that they are working effectively and improving the quality of advice.

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