Recommendations: Answering the key questions

As I have already said, I think it useful to restate and reorder what I have set out above so that the reader can see the way in which particular recommendations fit together.

Restated and reordered below, the recommendations seek to answer, in these ways, the key questions:

  • How can the law be simplified so that its intent is met?
  • How should the approach to conflicts of interest and conflicts between duty and interest change?
  • What can be done to improve compliance and the effectiveness of the regulators? and
  • What more can be done to achieve effective leadership, good governance and appropriate culture so that financial services entities obey the basic norms of behaviour that underpin the proper regulation of the financial services industry?

Some recommendations respond to more than one question. Then there are some (not listed below) that make more particular recommendations, including some directed to preserving the existing law or to monitoring and responding to market changes resulting from the recommendation.[1]

With that in mind, the restatement and reordering is as follows.

[1] See Recommendations 1.1, 1.4 and 1.9.