Professional discipline of financial advisers

Recommendation 2.7 – Reference checking and information sharing

All AFSL holders should be required, as a condition of their licence, to give effect to reference checking and informationsharing protocols for financial advisers, to the same effect as now provided by the ABA in its ‘Financial Advice – Recruitment and Termination Reference Checking and Information Sharing Protocol’.

Recommendation 2.8 – Reporting compliance concerns

All AFSL holders should be required, as a condition of their licence, to report ‘serious compliance concerns’ about individual financial advisers to ASIC on a quarterly basis

Recommendation 2.9 – Misconduct by financial advisers

All AFSL holders should be required, as a condition of their licence, to take the following steps when they detect that a financial adviser has engaged in misconduct in respect of financial advice given to a retail client (whether by giving inappropriate advice or otherwise):

  • make whatever inquiries are reasonably necessary to determine the nature and full extent of the adviser’s misconduct; and
  • where there is sufficient information to suggest that an adviser has engaged in misconduct, tell affected clients and remediate those clients promptly.

Recommendation 2.10 – A new disciplinary system

The law should be amended to establish a new disciplinary system for financial advisers that:

  • requires all financial advisers who provide personal financial advice to retail clients to be registered;
  • provides for a single, central, disciplinary body;
  • requires AFSL holders to report ‘serious compliance concerns’ to the disciplinary body; and
  • allows clients and other stakeholders to report information about the conduct of financial advisers to the disciplinary body.

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