The Commission team

The following provided assistance during some or all of the term of the inquiry.

Counsel Assisting the Royal Commission

Rowena Orr QC

Michael Hodge QC

Albert Dinelli

Eloise Dias

Mark Costello

Other Counsel

Mark Hosking

Claire Schneider

Sarah Zeleznikow

Tim Farhall

Special Advisor to Commissioner

David Borthwick AO

Office of the Royal Commission

Toni Pirani

Elizabeth Brayshaw

Eva Logan

Jamie Collins

Owen Lodge

Janice Nand

Tara Philip

Alicia Da Costa

Daniel Weight

Angus Chan

Sophie Vasenszky

Tracey Grobbelaar

Anatoli Shapiro

Rhiannon Scully

Alexandra Ashcroft

Alana Brennan

Corinne Adams

Jennifer Garbode

Erica Weatherly

Matthew Hume

Cecilia Barber

Mary Fleming

Anna Dearman

Myriam Amiet-Knottenbelt

Stephanie Haim

Vicki Koroneos

Samuel Brigg

Solicitors Assisting the Royal Commission

Simon Daley PSM

Simon Sherwood

Sonja Marsic

Matthew Crowley

Paulina Fusitua

Anna Garsia

Kathryn Gordon

Catherine Kelso

Amelia Telec

Katie Amanatidis

Sahrah Hogan

Zoe Kent

Anya Poukchanski

Sarah Dickins

Jacqui Fumberger

Christian Habla

Samuel Nitschke

Benjamin Norman

George Priestley

Lewis Winter

Jessica Zarkovic

Virginia Holdenson

Lynley Waring

Specialist consultants

Michael Kingston

Stephen Spargo AM

Officers of the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department provided enabling services to the Royal Commission

External providers

Court technology provider

Law in Order

Transcription services


Editorial, design and printing

Information Access Group

Rothfield Print & Image Management (with assistance from Fluid)