4 Issues and responses

The issues arising from the case studies examined in the Commission’s sixth round of hearings are described in detail in the discussion in Volume 2 of this Report. The issues can be organised as follows:

  • issues relating to the manner of selling some insurance products (which were sometimes compounded by issues relating to the low value of particular insurance products);
  • issues relating to the avoidance of insurance policies as a result of pre-contractual non-disclosure or misrepresentations;
  • issues relating to the use of, and reliance upon, potentially unfair contract terms;
  • issues relating to claims handling;
  • issues relating to the lack of enforceability of code obligations; and
  • issues relating to external dispute resolution (EDR).

I deal with each in turn.

Issues also arise in relation to group life insurance. Because of their close association with superannuation issues, I deal with them separately.